Were striking Aviary staff fired or did they “self-terminate”?

Previous 7 days, seven staff of Aviary Café in Springfield went on strike and have been picketing the cafe since.  

The strikers say they have been illegally fired for having collective motion, but café owners claim all those who walked off the position “self-terminated” their employment. 

That distinction in language could be important under federal labor legal guidelines, 1 professional instructed the Information-Chief.

According to the strikers, the genesis of the walkout only happened a working day before.

On Saturday, July 24, during what the strikers described as “lunch hurry-hour visitors,” Aviary supervisors remaining the café to established up a booth for a wedding expo held at the Downstream Casino close to Joplin.  

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For quite a few Aviary personnel, this was a last straw for the pent-up resentment they had for their companies, 1 likening it to an “abandonment” during the busiest time of the working day when the cafe remained understaffed owing to the pandemic.